Undergraduate Programme in Fashion Designing

After completion of your 10 + 2 years of education, usually you are at the cross-roads of your life. If you have the talent and drive for a career in ‘Fashion’ then choosing a course in ‘Fashion Technology’ can prove beneficial at this juncture. WLCI’s Programme for Under Graduates prepares you for a challenging role in the Fashion Industry. Our Advanced Programme in Fashion Designing offers you an opportunity to explore the relationship between creativity, production technology and commercial feasibility.

WLCI College will also give you an opportunity to train in the industry through our unique ‘Traineeship Programme’. During the traineeship period, you will be provided the scope to work in the competitive world of Fashion alongside pursuing the course and get an opportunity to network with industry professionals. Guidance and mentoring is provided by the ‘Leading Designers’ from the Fashion Industry. The programme culminates into a fully-realized fashion collection presented by each student.

During the programme, the students are given hands-on experience with :-
• Unique Traineeship Programme
• Textile Mill Visits
• Textile Manufacturing Plants
• Embroidery Units Visits
• Production Units Visits
• Weaver’s Village Visits
• Printing Workshops Visits
• Live Workshops
• Mall visits for Brand survey
• Textile Exhibitions
• Textile Fairs, Trade Fairs
• Fashion Events, to give them the required Industry exposure.

You would be taken through extensive interactive workshops conducted by industry experts and interact with highly qualified ‘Faculty’ who will hand-hold you through your entire creative process and also encourage you, guide you and groom you on various aspects of the Fashion world.

Certification is provided to the students after completion of each level.

Programs for Undergraduates

BA ( Hons ) Fashion Design – 4 years
Students have the option to study for a top up program at the University of Central Lancashire, Coventry University, University of Bedfordshire Or the Heriot Watt University in the UK. This program is offered as a progression from the BTEC – HND.

Bachelors of Design (Fashion Design) – 4 years
Students will study at the Sharda University Campus at Greater Noida. Apprenticeship is an integral part of the programme.

Professional Diploma in Fashion Technology - 4 Years (Integrated)
This is offered as a progression from the Advanced Diploma. The course develops professional skills required to succeed as a specialist or as an entrepreneur in the Apparel Industry. Apprenticeship is an integral part of this program which enables students to earn while they learn.

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Technology – 3 Years
This is a progressive professional course which consists of the Foundation Level, the Higher level and the Advanced level. This is a hands-on course that is designed to enable skills development and employability. The BTEC-HND can be done concurrently with this program.

BTEC – HND in Fashion & Textile - 2 years
This is a specialist professional qualification that reflects the requirements of the fashion industry. This is ideal for those who wish to enter the fashion industry or are seeking a pathway to higher education. This qualification is awarder by Pearson the world’s largest awarding body.
  • Foundation Programme
  • Foundation Certificate I
  • Drawing + Geometry
  • Colour Theory
  • Basic Design
  • Design Project – (I, Me, Myself)
  • Basic Pattern Making
  • Basic Construction
  • Self Study (Appreciation Of Art & Design)
  • Computers
  • Communication Skills,Body Language,Self-Discipline, Integrity
  • Higher Programme
  • Higher Certificate I
  • Stylized Illustration (Female)
  • textile – 2 /fabrics/prints Knits/klovens/
    Introduction To Washes/ Finish
  • Design Project –(Skirt+ Blouse)
  • Design Project – Pattern Making (Skirt+ Blouse)
  • Design Project – Production(Skirt+ Blouse)
  • Design Project –(Trouser+ Shirt)
  • Design Project – Pattern Making (Trouser+ Shirt)
  • Design Project – Production (Trouser+ Shirt)
  • Self Study (Basic Draping)(Faculty Contact Hours - 12.5)
  • Cad/Cam For Fashion And Textiles (Industry Software- Autotex, Optitex & Tukacad)
  • Communication Skills,Interview Skills Presentation Skills,Self-Motivation, Negotiation Skills
  • Advanced Programme
  • Advanced Certificate I
  • Textile- Product Development
  • Design Project – (Draping)
  • Design Project – (Western Evening Wear) – Design
  • Design Project – (Ethnic Wear) – Patternmaking
  • Design Project – (Western Evening Wear) – Production
  • Design Project – (Ethnic Wear) – Design
  • Design Project – (Ethnic Wear) – Patternmaking
  • Design Project – (Ethnic Wear) – Production
  • Managing Export Import Business
  • • Grooming & Etiquette
    • Communication Skills
    • Interview Skills
    • Personal Effectiveness
    • Information Technology
    • Traineeship
  • Professional Programme
  • Professional Certificate I
  • Design Project – (Mens Wear) – Design
  • Design Project – (Mens Wear) – Patternmaking
  • Fashion Forecasting + Merchandising Development
  • Industry Compliance Standard & Quality Control
  • Managing A Creative Business-I
  • Effect Of Culture On Global And Contemporary Fashion
  • • Presentation
    • Public Speaking
    • Networking Skills
    • Motivation
    • Leadership Skills
  • Foundation Certificate II
  • Fashion Model Drawing
  • Computer – (Corel Draw)
  • Computer – (Photoshop)
  • Fashion Illustration (Female)
  • Basic Design – 2
  • Design Project – (Dress) – Design
  • Design Project – (Dress) - Pattern Making
  • Design Project – (Dress) – Production
  • Textile -1/ Fiber To Fabrics
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Self Study (Cultural Studies)(Faculty Contact Hours - 12.5)
  • Business Ethics & Etiquette, Physical Wellness, Positive Attitude, Time Management
  • Higher Certificate II
  • Design Project – Knits- Casual Wear– Design
  • Design Project – Knits- Casual Wear - Patternmaking
  • Design Project – Knits- Casual Wear – Production
  • Design Project –(Kids Wear ) – Design
  • Design Project –(Kids Wear) – Patternmaking
  • Design Project –(Kids Wear) – Production
  • Manufacturing Methods & Process And Quality Control
  • Self Study (Film Studies - Media & Books)- 1 Garment
  • Portfolio Development
  • Introduction To Embroideries/Machine/
    Hand Introduction Levels
  • • Problem Solving
    • Team-Work Skills
    • Inter-Personal Skills
    • Traineeship
  • Advanced Certificate II
  • Final Collection Research- Research
  • Final Collection Research - Design
  • Final Collection- Pattern Making
  • Final Collection -Production
  • Fashion Photography
  • Accessories
  • Digital Portfolio
  • • Resource Management
    • Execution Skills
    • Result Orientation
    • Values And Belief System, Goal Setting
  • Professional Certificate II
  • Final Collection Research- Research
  • Final Collection Research + Design
  • Final Collection Pattern Making
  • Final Collection Production
  • Clothing Manufacture Production
  • Fashion Photography-II
  • Accessories-II
  • Managing A Creative Business-II
  • • Problem Solving
    • Decision Making
    • Conflict Management
    • Result Orientation
    • Self Discipline
    • Emotional Stability

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