Advanced Programme

Advanced Certificate II

This programme is designed to develop your skills in Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation and marketing a Fashion product. You will be trained to investigate materials and experiment with a variety of media. You will also study Textile Manufacture Production Operations, research, record and analyse the properties and characteristics of fibres and fabrics, and suitability for different uses. You also develop a visual and tactile understanding of textile raw materials and fabrics.

On completion of this programme, you would have developed competencies in researching, conceptualizing, exploring materials and designing and constructing fashion garments for children & Women.

At this level, you will be provided a traineeship in the Fashion industry where you will be able to apply knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom at the workplace.

    Modules you will cover are:
  • • Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation
  • • Techniques and Processes in Fashion
  • • Research and Development for Fashion Design
  • • Pattern Construction in Fashion
  • • Production Techniques in Fashion
  • • Textile Manufacture Production Operations
  • • CAD/CAM for Fashion and Textiles
  • • Clothing Manufacture Production Operations
  • • Fashion Promotion and Marketing
  • • Employability Skills

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