Advanced Programm


This programme is designed to develop your skills in researching, conceptualizing, designing, producing and marketing a fashion product.

It aims to encourage you to investigate materials and experiment with a variety of media. It helps you to develop creative and visual awareness through critical investigation, personal enquiry and discovery. During this programme you will also study textiles; research, record and analyze the properties and characteristics of fibers and fabrics; investigate its suitability for different uses and develop a visual and tactile understanding of raw materials and fabrics.

On completion of this programme, you will acquire competencies in-
• Researching, conceptualizing, exploring materials and knowledge of Fabric Science
• Designing and constructing fashion garments for women.
• Fashion Model Drawing
• Fashion Illustration –Female
• Basic Design 2
• Fashion Marketing and
• Computer Application in Fashion (Photoshop and CorelDraw)

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