WLCI College Review

Started off as a Business School, WLC College India has made a mark in the fashion industry as well. WLCI School of Fashion has nurtured budding talent and seen them blossomed into highly trained & talented professionals. Considered as one of the most reputed Fashion College in India, we have attained this position only with your continuous support. To maintain this status we encourage you to share your opinions about WLCI School of Fashion.

Your feedback will help us to grow leaps and bounds. The reviews will help us to create new meanings of perfection and overcome any shortfalls. Please mail us at reviews@wlci.in to register your opinion and feedback.

Ms. Yanam Wahge, Batch - 2014
Showcasing my talent is intimidating and exciting at the same time. Creating something out of the idea in your head and then being judged by other people is scary but the fact that people are going to touch, feel and see the idea right in front of them, It’s pretty amazing if you think about it. I would like to thank WLCI School of Fashion for the opportunity !

Sakshi Prashar, Batch - 2013
“I have chosen Fashion as my career because this is the only field where I can put my efforts and showcase my ideas and my thoughts. WLCI is the only platform from where I have got help to learn and improve myself. WLCI is concentrating on drawbacks of the students and refining them.”

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